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If there is anything I love more than Danish furniture, it has to be Danish clothing. From what I have seen (i.e. spent hours ogling online), the most common styles seems to be simultaneously quirky and classic. I was first introduced to WHEAT Baby & Kids by a good friend who is always in the know. I immediately fell in love with their gorgeous patterns and neutral colour palettes.

I was given a lot of clothing for Jack, size 0-6months so I didn’t need to purchase anything until he was around six months old. Luckily, by then WHEAT Canada had fully started up their operations in British Columbia. Started by two Canadians passionate about WHEAT’s timeless children’s design, WHEAT Canada was finally here to outfit imaginative Canadian kiddos. I was in Victoria, BC in the summer and picked up a pair of their Striped Sweatpant Buster at a local boutique. I immediately fell in love with the comfy, cozy feel of the pants and loved how they look on Jack. I decided to place an order of really great staples for him to last through the summer to fall. The Overall Erik in blue was one of my favourite pieces of the summer while the Sweatshirt Hjalte, Romper Magnus, Jumper Pocket Short and a couple Wagner Tees are still in regular rotation for layering as we move into winter.

I recently had the opportunity to review one of WHEAT’s Baby Boy Bundles for the blog. They sent me a lovely parcel full of  goodies for Jack and I couldn’t wait to try them all out. They sent me everything in 12 month size which I appreciated because it allows him to grow with the clothes instead of growing them out to quickly. I found that all of the tops fit right away (he was 9 months old when we received them) and the pants are just starting to fit better. Here is my review of each of the pieces:

The Granddad Set in Navy Stripe: I love how cozy and versatile this set is. Jack often wears these soft basics throughout the day layered with a sweater and other times he wears them as PJs. I love everything in stripes so I would have definitely bought this set anyways. The only downside of the top is the row of buttons at the neck. He is currently so fixated on chewing on buttons that I was getting a bit worried that he would bite them off so I don’t put him in them for bedtime anymore - at least for the time being.

Knit Classic Cardigan: This is a truly special piece that I cannot get enough of. It is currently a bit big on Jack but it is perfect for layering on these cooler days. The quality of this sweater is impeccable and I love how it looks on him. This is one of those pieces that I will keep for future kids and even for Jack if he might have children one day. It is that special.

Bib Scarf: Can’t get enough of this bib scarf which is perfect for Jack when he is teething (and drooling) up a storm. I have lots of other bibs but I love how this one is draped so perfectly that it actually looks like a real scarf.

Overall Corduroy Lined in Dark Blue: Another truly classic piece. Theses overalls are absolutely darling and perfect for crawlers who move at the speed of light and are really hard on their knees. The overalls are completely lined in a super soft fabric which I personally really like as we move into winter. I might throw a pair of grey girls tights on him underneath since he notoriously pulls off his socks off. They will keep him extra warm on extra cold days.

Owl & Bear T-shirt in Blue: This tee is just so cute - I have nothing but good things to say about it. The fabric is very soft and the size is great - it will fit him for a couple more months for sure. I love the whimsical print on it too - is there anything cuter than an owl and bear off on an adventure together?!

All in all, I loved everything that we got to review from WHEAT. Watch out for their bundle deals that they release every so often - it is a great way to try out a whole bunch of clothes for a really great price. In the meantime, Mr. Jack has been growing like a weed so I am stocking my shopping cart with pieces like the Trousers Andreas and the Albert Tee.

Friends in Vancouver! There is a fabulous pop-up happening this November right in Vancouver. All of the details are here.

And great news to all of my friends in the USA - WHEAT Canada just opened up shipping to the States, just in time for holiday gift-giving. Not only do you get a sweet deal because the Canadian dollar is doing so poorly but you get to dress your child in something not available anywhere else. Win-win.

Post Disclaimer: I received a bundle of WHEAT Canada‘s clothing for review purposes only. I was not compensated for this post. 

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