Nordstrom just kicked off their week-long Beauty Trend event and the buzz around the cosmetic counters is palpable. Runway looks are being turned into everyday makeup routines, personalized fragrances are being concocted and people from all over are being educated in the art of beauty - including myself!

On day one of the Beauty Trend event, I met up with the lovely Karen from MAC Cosmetics to get the scoop on her absolute favourite make-up brushes. As a makeup artist, Karen often totes around 30-40 brushes at a time but she swears by her Fab Five, most of which actually are multi-purpose meaning you can keep your makeup bag somewhat minimalist. I love the idea of keeping my tools down to a minimum. Since having a baby, my makeup routine has to be quick and easy as I often don’t have much time alone to dedicate to beautifying myself! Karen’s tips were fantastic - hope they are helpful for you too!

Synthetic Fluffy Eye Brush: This brush is great because it works really hard to do everything thanks to the precision and flatness of it. It works great for all over shadows - from the crease up the brow - and you can even go in with the tip and create more definition. The bristles are super soft.

Lip Brush: I am a big fan of lipstick and I feel like you should always get full value of your tube. The lip brush is so great for digging into the bottom of the tubes and getting your full money’s worth! You can get really great precision when using a lip brush and achieve the perfect shape around your lips.

Concealer Brush: I absolutely love the concealer brush. You don’t need to use your fingers at all - it is so good at contouring under your eyes; you can go into all the small little places around your nose, and you can use it to dab on you concealer. The other thing that is so great about it is that it doubles up for eye shadow and eyeliner. It is lovely for cream eye shadows or using the tip to apply beautiful eyeliners.

Small Angle Brush: The angle brush is so versatile. It is great for applying gel eyeliners, eyebrow definition and applying powder liners. Add more depth and definition to your pencil liners with a swoosh of powder.

Large Powder Brush: These brushes are really, really soft and you can actually get a lot precision with them. The long handle is really great for that. It distributes the powder so evenly on your face. And the really great thing about this brush is that it doubles as a bronzer and blush brush. Since it is such a precise brush, you can turn it on its side and dip it in your blush or bronzer. By doing this you eliminate the need to buy separate brushes for blush and bronzer. As long as you take good care of it, this brush will do a lot for you.

Lastly, it is very important to always clean your brushes. Brush cleaner removes all of the bacteria and debris from your brushes, keeping them nice and clean. You will actually extend the life of your brushes by doing this - these aren’t cheap. The MAC brushes are artist quality - they use them on the runway and are an investment - so take care of them!

Thanks Karen for sharing so much of your amazing knowledge with me! If you want to ge a piece of the Beauty Trend action you still have time to book your appointments for one-on-one consultations with pro stylists, see runway-inspired trends up close and get exclusive gifts and free samples.

To book your appointment please stop by your favorite beauty counter at Nordstrom or call 587-291-2000 Ext: 1429. Gift with Purchases while supplies last.

Photo via MAC Cosmetics 

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