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I’ve got a thing for brunch. If I could go for brunch every single day, I would. I’d be totally broke (hello #freelancelife) but I’d be full of coffee, orange juice, caesars, French toast, waffles, eggs benny, frittatas - I could go on and on. Yup, brunch is delicious.

I guess word got round that brunch is a thing because my favourite neighbourhood Italian joint, Bocce, just launched a brand-spanking new brunch menu only two weeks ago! The fam-jam and I headed down last Saturday to check it out - and while we love their pizzas (amazing gluten-free crust, natch!) we couldn’t wait to see what they had on the menu for brunch.

We definitely really appreciated their family-friendly environment. We actually haven’t dined in at Bocce as a family since Jack was a lot smaller. We’ve been opting for their free pizza delivery service within the neighbourhood of Mission just to avoid the hassle but now I know it would be cool to bring him in.  Jack was seated in his own shiny red high chair and presented with crayons and the Bambini Brunch menu (which has a colouring page on the back). He immediately tried to eat all of the crayons so Byron took over the colouring duties.

Their new brunch menu is super simple; they didn’t want to overload it with too many choices and options. They wanted to do brunch the Bocce way, and I think they totally succeeded at that. We started off with some cappuccinos and some “morning cocktails”. What are morning cocktails? They are socially acceptable alcoholic beverages to be consumed during brunch. They include caesars, mimosas and bellinis! We tried the caesar and bellini - both delicious in their own way.

We wanted to try a bit of everything on the new menu so I got the Eggs Diablo (2 eggs in pomodoro sauce, jalapenos, fingerling potatoes, chili oil, fontino and forno garlic bread) and Byron ordered La Frittata (marinated rapini, roasted mushrooms, Italian ham, mozzarella, piave, truffle oil and forno garlic bread). They are really great with gluten-free options so they swapped out the forno garlic bread for gluten-free pizza crust. Delicious.

La Frittata

This is definitely not gluten-free but I was definitely drooling over it anyways. This is the Italian Toast. Not French Toast - Italian Toast. Egg-dipped Panettone with wild blueberry sauce and mascarpone cream topped with shredded pear and crispy pancetta; Byron got to indulge in this one completely on his own. His report was that it was: amazing!

Eggs Diablo

We ordered up Jack some of Max’s Penne (with gluten-free penne) off the Bambino Brunch menu - we had already fed him some food at home so we wasn’t starving but nibbled at it. He was more interested in trying to chat with the people next to us, haha!

All in all, we are so happy to have a new place to enjoy brunch with family and friends - and is only a couple of blocks away. Thanks so much for having us, Bocce! We will back soon. ♥

Visit Bocce:

#110, 2207 4th Street SW - 403.516.6162

Brunch is every Saturday + Sunday and Stat Holidays from 10am-3pm. You can make a reservation on their online booking service.

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