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As a work-from-home mama of a very busy toddler, I find myself constantly having to adjust my lifestyle to ensure that I am living completely in sync with myself. The challenges of day-to-day life can certainly take their toll on a person, but I’ve found that encouraging balance in all aspects of my life has proven beneficial. For example, while I may not be getting as much sleep as I’d like in this point of my life thanks to mama-hood, I make it work by finding time for relaxation and “me-time”.

The most empowering thing about living in-sync is that the power totally lies within you – only you can make the positive changes in your life that, step-by-step, will allow you to start living your life to your full potential. Whether it be improving your health and fitness or tapping into your intellectual side, becoming in-tune with your inner self can not only improve your personal and work relationships, but you’ll also find yourself at your absolute best. And who doesn’t want to feel their absolute best?!

Here are five behaviours that successfully ‘In-Sync’ women actively pursue, and my methods of implementing each one of them into my daily lifestyle.

Active Lifestyle

Since becoming a mama, I’ve certainly increased my activity levels on all accounts, not only because I am now constantly on the go with my son Jack, but also because I recognize the importance in setting a good example for him through exercise and activity. Maintaining an active lifestyle is also important to me because I feel so much more balanced and “myself” when I’m out in nature, going for a bike ride or a long walk near the river.

Heathy Lifestyle

Having been Celiac for nearly fifteen years now, I maintain an everyday gluten-free diet that has improved my health vastly since I was a teenager. Beyond eating gluten-free, I try to listen to my body as much as possible and to supply it with nutrients accordingly. I’m typically drawn to a more plant-based diet these days and try to be conscious of everything I put in my body. Of course, again, I am a big fan of balance – so a glass of Prosecco with some gourmet gluten-free pizza is always on my list for a night out with friends.

Relaxation & Spirituality

I feel like in our busy and technology-obsessed lives, time for relaxation and spirituality is absolutely key for living a balanced and in-sync lifestyle. I use yoga and stretching as one way to get myself in the mindset for relaxation and inner reflection. Since I often stay up late working after my son has gone to bed, I try to improve my surroundings by using essential oils in a diffuser, drinking a calming tea and eliminating screen usage to prepare myself for bed.


Although I am one of the lucky few who get to do what they love for a living, I am still always seeking out new interests and hobbies. As a bit of a generalist, one day you might find me cultivating my love of watercolours, while the next I’ll be playing with new makeup and beauty techniques. It is so important to constantly be challenging your mind in new ways, so taking yourself to new places and experiences like art galleries, new movies or trying out a class or workshop are all great ways to instill that learning power within you.


Lastly, being satisfied entrepreneurially also brings great balance and satisfaction to my life. I personally love to collaborate with people, so networking and meeting other like-minded individuals is something I try to incorporate into my life each and every single day.

It’s only when you feel totally in sync with your core that you can harness your greatest potential. Try to tap into your inner needs to discover how to balance yourself wholly – maybe one area in your life needs more attention than others right now. We are constantly adapting throughout our lives and making sure that your mind and body are in sync with one another will help you live with more balance and be a more successful, radiant person.

Being InSync is that special state when body and mind are aligned, we are in touch with our core, and we are driven from within to achieve our full potential. The positivity that radiates from being InSync will benefit all aspects of a person’s life – at work, in personal relationships and in the all-important relationship with oneself. Activia is an expertly designed yogurt with exclusive B.L. Regularis, carefully selected ingredients and a refined texture. Activia, #LifeInSync.

This post was brought to you by Activia from Danone via Mode Media Canada. The opinions expressed here are those of the influencers and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Activia from Danone.


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